Police shut down building where nonessential businesses allegedly operated despite warning

Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered all nonessential business shut down days ago, but Nassau officials say a property owner didn't listen.
At 98 Cuttermill Road in Great Neck, Nassau police say several wholesale jewelers with offices inside were still working.
"We had numerous complaints on them, they had over 150 cars that came through the business, our cops went there, gave them a warning, they didn't listen to the warning," says Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.
Police then returned to the building Thursday with the fire marshal, shut down and evacuated the building and issued the owner a $5,000 fine.
News 12 has earned that the building owner, who was given a desk appearance ticket, is Jacob Chesky. Police say the individual jewelers were not fined, but nothing is off the table.
Ryder says everyone needs to heed coronavirus guidelines and stay home.
"It's tough on your business, we understand that, but on the same side, we have to protect and stop the spread," says Ryder. "So the message is out there, we just hope these people start taking, most people are being compliant, we get a couple of people that just don't want to play by the rules."
Police added that the address did have some essential businesses inside, which will be allowed to keep working.