Police on the hunt for driver of Massapequa hit-and-run that resulted in beloved grandmother's death

Nassau police are on the search for the hit-and-run driver who they said struck a 70-year-old grandmother who was crossing Sunrise Highway last week in Massapequa.
Police said Lynn Walsh died from her injuries on Friday as she was surrounded by her family.
“This past week has been the roughest,” said the Walsh's youngest daughter Patricia Doughtery. She was at her mother’s side in the hospital when she died a week after three cars struck her. Debbie Lena, Walsh's other daughter, was also present and was still in shock.
“This entire week, I kept waking up thinking how on earth is this happening?” Lena asked.
Walsh was on her way home from work and was crossing Sunrise Highway at Unqua Road when three cars hit her at around 9:15 p.m. The first two remained at the scene, but the third car kept going, according to Nassau police.
Lena was in bed when her phone rang.
“I'm like, ‘Uh oh, this is not a phone call that I want to answer right now,'” Lena recalled.
Walsh hung on for eight days -- long enough for her family to say goodbye.
Doughtery said her mother was full of life.
“She was a strong woman. She was a healthy, fit, strong woman,” Doughtery said. She added that Walsh was dedicated not only at work, but especially to the family.
Lena said Walsh loved her granddaughters so much.
“She loved to teach them. She would come over with coloring books and little activity books and teach them the abc’s and the 123’s,” Lena said.
“She's a huge fan of box turtles," Dougherty said. "She'd just bring them over and play with the box turtles with the kids.”
Lena and Doughtery said Walsh also loved cooking, especially baking cakes, as well as loved giving gifts to people. Lena added that Walsh was a great mother.
“She took us camping... Otter Lake in Pennsylvania, in the Poconos, and would spend a week there and it was just some of the greatest memories,” Lena said. Doughtery said it will be hard to live up to her mother’s example.
“My sister and I just want to mimic her. We might be stressed parents, but we're to live up to my mother and all her values and giving back to community,” Dougherty said.
She and Lena said their mother's legacy was the greatest gift she gave them.​
Nassau police are asking anyone with information about the hit-and-run to call them at 1-800-244-TIPS.