Police: Man on rampage carjacks vehicle in Freeport

? Nassau County police have a man in custody after he allegedly went on a rampage and hijacked a woman?s vehicle.
Police say the incident started in Freeport when the man smashed a number of cars with a bat, then attempted to get into a local business, which was closed. According to police, the man then smashed a woman?s car with the bat, dragged her out and took off in the vehicle.According to authorities, the rampage spanned six locations in three towns and caused two car accidents. Witnesses say the suspect was yelling that the Russian mob was after him.
The individual was later apprehended at a BOCES center in North Bellmore. School officials say an alert employee saw the man enter school grounds, didn?t recognize him and called 911.Police say the suspect is from Yonkers, but has family on Long Island. His name is not being released, but authorities say he will likely undergo a psychiatric evaluation before charges are brought forward.
The elderly carjacking victim was not seriously injured.