Police: 'It's OK to be white' signs found in Long Beach's North Park neighborhood

Police say racially charged signs were found in a predominantly black neighborhood in Long Beach.
They say the flyers that said "It's OK to be white" have been removed, which were posted across the Martin Luther King Center in North Park, where a protest was held last week for the Black Lives Matter movement.
The chairman of the Martin Luther King Center says the community will not be intimidated and their voices will be heard.
Youth Minister Brian Horne was the first to spot the signs early Saturday morning. He stopped to do a Facebook Live to show his friends and family.
He says the community is trying to stay positive.
Allison Blanchett, the executive director of the nonprofit Long Island Streets says this is very much a reaction to what's going on nationwide.
Members of the center helped to take the signs down.
Other flyers were posted near City Hall read "end the riots, end the violence," but officials say they are not sure if the two incidents are related.