Police find 5 of 6 kids missing from Lakeview home

Nassau police arrested a Lakeview woman Thursday after she refused to allow Child Protective Services into her home or give the whereabouts of six missing children, two of which were hers. Five of the children were later found.
Police say Emma Fequiere, 46, would not tell police where her two teenage children and four small grandchildren were for fear the county would take them away. Police say the grandchildren were living with Fequiere after their mother was arrested for physically abusing one of them.
Nassau Detective Lt. Michael Flemming says social workers went to Fequiere?s home because there had been concerns about the safety and well being of the children.
Police searched for the children for nearly 24 hours before locating Fequiere?s 15-year-old son Max and her two youngest grandchildren with a relative in Queens. The other two young grandchildren were found at a friend's home in Roosevelt.