Police: 2 arrested, 1 sought in connection to drivers who ran over Nassau officer

A Nassau detective investigating a car theft ring was run over and seriously injured.
Police say the officer was part of a team of detectives closing in on members of the ring at a gas station in Corona, Queens.
"They did five stolen cars this past weekend. Last night they observed a 2015 BMW at the BP gas station on Horace Harding Expressway on 99th Street in Corona, Queens," says Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder. "That is one of the cars that was stolen this past weekend."
Ryder says when officers approached the station with police jackets on with shields out, the suspects stepped on the gas, struck the detective and went on to crash into two other police cars.
Ryder says the detective suffered broken bones and a large wound to his right leg. He was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital before being transferred to an undisclosed Long Island hospital.
News 12 is told the detective is facing a lengthy recovery.
Two suspects have been arrested in connection to the case, while police are searching for a third.
Ryder says the suspect is Jorge Alvarez, an 18-year-old with multiple prior arrests.
"We don't need an 18-year-old punk coming into Nassau County, stealing a car, and then he's going to run and hit one of my detectives" says Ryder. "We're coming looking for you. We're going to find you. Best bet, turn yourself in son. You do not want to be on the street right now."
Anyone with information is asked to call Nassau Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.