Police: 14 vehicles broken into, 4 stolen in Stony Brook, Old Field, Setauket area

A spree of brazen car thefts has people on edge in Stony Brook, Setauket and Old Field.
Security cameras captured some of the alleged crimes in action. Two men with flashlights in hand moved quickly, but could not get into the vehicles.
Police say 14 vehicles were broken into and had items stolen. Four vehicles were stolen right out of the front driveway.
Some of the cars had the keys left inside, others did not, police say.
Police say two of the cars they were recovered.
Police say the men in the video may have stolen George Brandeau's SUV from his driveway. Brandeau admits the keys were inside, but says crime in his neighborhood has never been an issue.
Nikolas Mirzoeff's SUV was stolen, but found a few miles away. The inside, he said, was trashed.
Police say when the thieves did get into vehicles they took money, credit cards and computers. All the doors were open.
Police are investigating, but officials say the best advice is to make sure your vehicles are locked and the keys removed.