Police: 1 suspect likely behind majority of Suffolk business break-ins

Police tell News 12 they believe at least nine of the break-ins were committed by the same suspect.

News 12 Staff

Oct 13, 2021, 2:12 AM

Updated 949 days ago


Suffolk County police say one person is likely behind most of the burglaries that occurred at 13 business in the Holbrook area recently.
Police tell News 12 they believe at least nine of the break-ins were committed by the same suspect.
Acting Suffolk Police Commissioner Stuart Cameron says the thief likely won’t stop until he’s caught.
“We think these individuals could very likely continue to commit these crimes and we want to arrest them as soon as possible,” Cameron says.
He says the suspect may or may not be part of the four other robberies because they are similar, but there are some significant differences.
In each incident, the burglar uses a brick to smash his way inside and then steals cash.
The crimes were committed in Bohemia, Lake Grove, East Setauket, Medford, Smithtown and most have happened in Holbrook.
Michael Kinney, president of Holbrook’s Parkland Civic Association, says he doesn’t not why the neighborhood has been hit.
“This is something we’re not used to,” Kinney says. “If you see somebody that’s lurking or suspicious, you should definitely call 911.”
Suffolk police say investigators are tracking the burglary pattern at the real crime center and Cameron says extra patrols are being sent to the areas where the break-ins are occurring.
Some residents are worried the suspect could target homes next.
“I’m on guard constantly,” one person says.
Cameron says there is no reason for people to be concerned in their residences since there have only been commercial burglaries.
Police do not have a description of the alleged thief since he has been covered up in all of the surveillance videos.
Images of his car was caught on video, but police say they are choosing not to provide a description of the car or releasing that video to the public.

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