Plainview parade thanks essential workers at grocery stores, hospital, police precinct

Plainview played host to a special parade that honored essential workers in the community.
Dozens of cars passed by nearly 20 establishments where essential workers could be found, including a Trader Joe's market.
People taking part honked their horns, held signs and waved as they drove, expressing gratitude to everyone who's making life possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Other stops on the tour included a post office, hardware store, assisted living facilities, urgent care centers and Plainview Hospital, where a Nassau police inspector played an emotion rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
"We're sending a message of giving our love and heartfelt thanks to every person who ventures out of their home each day so they can provide for us," says Nassau police Deputy Inspector Gus Kalin. "Whether it's the grocery clerk, whether it's the pharmacist, whether it's the nurse, the doctor, the police officers I work with."
The final stop was outside Nassau police's 2nd Precinct, thanking the first responders who have continued to put their lives on the line.
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