Pennsylvania teen wins $3M in first-ever Fortnite World Cup tournament

All those hours playing video games have paid off for a 16-year-old.
Kyle Giersdorf, of Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, racked up the most points and won $3 million as the first Fortnite World Cup solo champion. The competition took place Sunday at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens.
Giersdorf, who goes by the gamertag “Bugha,” said of winning, "words can't explain it.”
Some 40 million players from around the world competed for a chance to play in the finals, which was narrowed down to 100 contestants from 30 countries.
The tournament offered $30 million in cash prizes.
In second place, 24-year-old Harrison “psalm” Chang, of the United States, won $1.8 million.
The duo competition was won by 17-year-old David Wang, of Austria, and 16-year-old Emil Pedersen, of Norway. They'll split a $3 million prize.
The Fortnite World Cup featured several teenage players from the tristate area, including Cody “Clix” Conrad, of Connecticut, Jared “Eclipsae” Elwood, of New Jersey and Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski, of Long Island.
Each walked away with at least $50,000 in prize money.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.