Pay tribute to the 26th POTUS with a trip to Theodore Roosevelt's retreat Sagamore Hill

Take a tour to pay tribute to the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, on this Road Trip: Close to Home to Oyster Bay. Visit Teddy Roosevelt's retreat Sagamore Hill!
Sagamore Hill became an important landmark, and is known as the summer White House during the seven summers he spent there as president. It's now a National Historic Site and Park.
Even though all of the buildings are closed, it’s still incredible to visit the site with so much history.
You can walk on Teddy Roosevelt's porch, you can even take a seat and admire the view he loved so much. And you can stand in the spot where he built a podium to deliver many speeches.
You can also explore the 95 acres of serene landscape, and walk the pet-friendly trails that Teddy Rooosevelt walked with his dogs.
And just down the road from Sagamore Hill, you can also visit Teddy Roosevelt's final resting place at Youngs Memorial Cemetery. Once you climb up the hill, make your way up the symbolic 26 steps. It leads you to his gravesite. One of the cool things about coming up there in the winter, you get a clear view of beautiful Oyster Bay, where Roosevelt loved to go rowing. And of The Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary - a fitting tribute to America's conservationist president.