Paws & Pals: Cats up for adoption at North Fork Country Kids Animal Rescue

Several adorable animals are up for adoption from North Fork Country Kids Animal Rescue.
Finnius Rose and Artie Mae:
Finnius Rose and Artie Mae are a pair of sweet, bonded sisters, which means they must be adopted together.
These girls have been in the rescue since they were kittens and it is surprising at a year and a half, they haven’t been adopted into their forever homes.
This duo would make a great addition to a family with kids of all ages. They like to play and are extremely affectionate. They love to be held and pet. They also enjoy sitting with you to watch TV, though you may have to turn up the volume over the purring. They are overall great cats. 
Ryan, along with two other kittens, were found in a box. A plea for help was posted on social media and the rescue stepped in.
Ryan is only six weeks old and is eating on his own and litter box trained. He is very playful with his foster siblings, the resident adult cats and resident dog.
The kitten is too young to go his forever home, but he is available for pre-adoption. Once he is thoroughly vetted, he will be able to go home. 
Black cats are often overlooked, but they are known to be the kindest and sweetest of all cats. Rowan happens to be one of those kind cats. 
Rowan is only five weeks old. In addition to being sweet and cuddly, she enjoys the company of other animals, so she needs to be adopted into a family that already has a cat or is willing to adopt Rowan and a playmate.