Paws of War organization providing at-home help for vets, pets

Free services are being offered for veterans and their dogs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hank Urnaitis is a decorated war vet from Smithtown who proudly displays his American pride everywhere he can. For the past four years, he has been paired with his service dog, Oscar.
The organization Paws of War rescued, trained and paired up the two, but the service is now checking up on those vets and their furry friends. Robert Misseri and his team went to Hank's house to see if he and Oscar had enough food, but what they saw were other needs around his home.
A tree had fallen on a fence, so Oscar couldn't roam the backyard safely, and there were unsafe boards leading to his front door. Paws of War also saw his tattered American flags, and knew he would want those replaced.
"For most veterans, the American flag and their branch flag is extremely important. It's their life, it's what they stand for," says Misseri. "We were able to buy new flags and get them up the same day."
The food donated came from Cambridge Caterers -- if you'd like to help donate, click here.
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