Paws & Pals: Dogs up for adoption at Jake's Rescue Ranch on May 22

In this week's Paws & Pals, Jake's Rescue Ranch presented four dogs up for adoption.
Charger is a 15 pounds, 7-moth-old Fox Terrier mix. He gets along great with all dogs and kids.
London is a 10-month-old Schnauzer mix. She gets along with other dogs, but would be best with a single woman owner. She's a rescue from the Bahamas.
Daphne is a 10-week-old Boxer-American Bulldog mix. She is only 5 pounds and will be a smaller dog. She is great with other dogs and kids.
Luna is a 10-week-old Terrier mix. She is only 7 pounds, but is expected to grow to about 50 pounds. She is super sweet.