Paterson to read LI lawmakers' budget proposals

Gov. David Paterson stood firm on his $121 billion spending plan and tax cuts Wednesday, just one day after Long Island's Assembly Republicans slammed his proposed budget during a meeting in Mineola.
According to Assemblyman Fred Thiele, under Paterson?s proposed budget there would be 137 various tax and spending increases totaling $4 billion. For the average Long Island family of four, that would mean paying an extra $3,800 a year, he says.
Paterson will review the list of proposals Thiele and the delegation has submitted, which includes merging some state agencies and eliminating others, cracking down on Medicaid fraud and abuse, suspending state and employee travel and vehicle purchases, and reducing the size of government by attrition and early retirement incentives.
?We'll certainly look at their proposals, but the last time they made proposals, they weren't nearly up to the number of deficit reduction that we need to accomplish," Paterson says.
Paterson wants lawmakers to approve a new budget one month earlier than the start of this fiscal year, which begins April 1.