Parents, students adjust to distance learning

Education has gone online during the pandemic, and it is a learning experience for students, parents and teachers.  

Julissa Zambrano has three kids in second, sixth and eighth grades. She is also a student, working on her master's in parenting and child psychology.

"I'm up at six in the morning. I get on my computer, I do my class work and my homework and try to submit everything I possibly can during that time. Then when I'm done, I slowly get them up one at a time. Managing three, I have to do it at intervals," says Zambrano.

Antonio Zambrano, 7, is adjusting, but misses being in school.

"I'm missing my teacher, and I miss my friends and everybody even the other class," says Antonio.

Julissa Zambrano says the hardest part is everyone home together – every day.

"To see each other all day every day, as much as we love each other, is an adjustment," says Julissa Zambrano.