Parents remove kids from Oceanside HS after bedbug scare

Panicked parents lined up to take their kids out of class Thursday after a bedbug scare at Oceanside High School.
Oceanside school officials say social media was flooded Thursday morning with claims of bedbugs in the high school.
Students say the principal quickly made an announcement over the intercom system about the discovery. Officials say an email also went out, ensuring parents there was no need to worry. Still, officials say plenty of students started leaving, resulting in a chaotic scene around third period.
An email was sent out last Thursday, when four bedbugs were discovered in a student's Chromebook in the school. Two of the bugs were dead, and two were alive. Officials say the school was sanitized and that protocol was followed.
But that didn't stop parents from picking up their kids this Thursday. News 12 did find one parent who said they didn't think the situation required pulling students from class.
Officials say exterminators were at the school Thursday, adding they don't believe there's any reason for students to stay home.