Parents alerted to new scam meant to mimic a kidnapping

An alert has gone out to parents from the Bay Shore School District about a new phone scam meant to trick people into thinking their children have been kidnapped.
According to district officials, the scam begins with parents receiving a phone call from someone who claims their child has been kidnapped. That person then demands ransom money through a cash app.
This has apparently been happening in neighboring communities, the district says.
In some cases, the scammer puts a child on the phone to pose as the kidnapping victim.
The Islip School District has also shared the alert with families.
Anyone who receives a call like this should hang up and dial 9-1-1 immediately.
It's unclear if police are investigating, or if the scammers have succeeded in taking money from any victims.
E-mail sent home to parents from the Bay Shore Union Free School District, warning of a new phone scam.