Oyster Bay house with up to 50 inhabitants padlocked following investigation

After months of investigation, a house with as many as 50 renters living in it has been shut down.
A two-family home on Hamilton Avenue in Oyster Bay was padlocked after it was found that 40 to 50 people inhabited it. The home was officially inspected last week after complaints, and code enforcement officers declared it dangerous.
Aside from overcrowding, inspectors say they found troublesome electrical work, plumbing problems and unsafe structures inside.
Neighbors say some of the residents were children, who were living in deplorable conditions.
The Oyster Bay Civic Association says the house is an example of a growing town problem with overcrowded rental homes and apartments.
The homeowner, who was not identified, was charged with violating town code.
Some neighbors hope the town will step up its enforcement of similar houses, because they believe there are many others just like it in town.