Over 300 people protest mask mandate at 'Unmask Our Kids' rally in Hauppauge

Hundreds of Long Islanders rallied in Hauppauge Wednesday to protest the state's mask mandate.
They gathered outside the Dennison Building for an "Unmask Our Kids" rally.
Some parents pulled their children from school in protest of the continued requirement of mask-wearing.
Protesters say if schools continue to force masks on children, they will continue to keep them out of classes.
"No one's asking for masks to be banned, no one's saying that a school needs to outlaw masks," says Shawn Farash, founder of The Loud Majority. "We're just saying that you don't need to force it on the kids. And if you do force it on the kids, that's what's going to be missing from your schools every single day."
Others at the rally say it should be up to an individual to decide if they want to wear a mask.