On a Positive Note: Retired NYPD officer from Massapequa’s breast cancer survival story featured in new book

A retired NYPD officer from Massapequa is now in remission of breast cancer and her survival story is featured in a newly released book.
Christine Stevens got breast cancer from her time at Ground Zero while working with the NYPD.
“When you find you have breast cancer, it not only affects you physically. It's a mental and emotional, it’s overwhelming. I’m hoping this book will bring that to light and help people,” says Stevens.
Stevens’ doctor took snapshots at the end of surgery and chose 24 patients to write their stories of their battle. All proceeds of the book went toward benefiting the American Cancer Society.
The book shows all of the women survived and are thriving and shows the diagnosis isn't something that has to be terrible.
“I’m very lucky to be here. I’m healthy. I’m proud to be a part of this book. I look forward to helping people through this.”