Officials: 3 arrested during East Meadow protest

Officials say three people were arrested during a protest in East Meadow Friday night for disorderly conduct.
Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says they tried to take their demonstration into streets where traffic was going by and officers blocked them.
East Meadow college student Michael Motamedian, who attended the protest, tells News 12 that officers didn't want the group to make a left on Carmen Avenue. He says he was asked by the officers politely to move over, but then grabbed and arrested a black man who was also protesting.
The three were then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Terrel Tuosto, 25, and his brother, Tiandre, both of West Hempstead, says they were two out of the three people arrested during the protest.
Tiandre says he was arrested first. Terrel says he told protesters to keep marching.
He says police officers got aggressive with him leading up to his arrest.
Terrel says he spent about six hours in custody.
The brothers, who say they've taken part in more than a dozen protests in Nassau County, say they'd been a part of other protests where the planned course changed.
County Executive Laura Curran and Ryder released a statement reiterating their support for protests and free speech, but say that any demonstrations need to stay safe and out of major roadways.
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