Official: More than 200 jellyfish stings at South Shore beaches

Over the weekend, a smack of jellyfish washed ashore from Jones Beach to Robert Moses – leaving scores of beachgoers with stings.
George Gorman – the Long Island regional director for the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation – said there were “about 200 sting bites at Robert Moses and about 30 at Jones Beach.”
Officials say the jellyfish came in quite close to shore along the surf line. The purple and red spotted mauve stingers are particularly nasty since they have sting receptors on their crowns in addition to their tentacles.
Lifeguards at Robert Moses said Monday that they didn't see too many jellyfish and that it was OK to swim. But lately, the mauve stingers have been showing up further south on New Jersey beaches leaving welts on unlucky swimmers.
“You don't want to go near the jellyfish. Swim away from them...That's your best course of action,” said Gorman.
Officials have not had to close any beaches yet because of the jellyfish and their sting is more annoying and painful than life threatening. EMTs say pouring vinegar on the sting is a good way to reduce the pain.