NYU Winthrop celebrates 750 COVID-19 patient discharges

NYU Winthrop Hospital reached an important milestone Tuesday as it saw its 750th coronavirus patient head home.
The Mineola hospital saw its first COVID-19 patients back on March 5, and since, employees have been swamped with patients. But amid the tough times, Tuesday called for a heartwarming celebration of those who returned home to their families.
Deborah Preister was No. 750. The grandmother and special-education teacher from Brooklyn says doctors and nurses saved her life.
"It's a huge moment for us that we survived the onslaught of this illness and our patients are making it through," says Dr. Andrew Porges.
Hempstead's Linda Torres also left the hospital to cheers. The pregnant woman slipped into a coma while fighting the virus, but doctors were able to save her and her baby girl.
"It was a difficult decision to deliver the baby at 29 weeks, but it was ultimately the best decision for mom and baby," says Dr. Patricia Rekawek.
Torres' baby is doing just fine, but because she was delivered so early, she will need to spend some time in the NICU.
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