NYIT condemns anti-police video posted on employee's Instagram

New York Institute of Technology has responded to an anti-police video posted on the Instagram account of an employee.
The profanity-laced, anti-police video was posted on the Instagram account of Austin Meadows, a lab technician at the college's School of Osteopathic Medicine. The video goes on for about 25 seconds with multiple disparaging statements toward law enforcement.
In the end, the video is capped off with the comments "Black lives matter, blue lives splatter. F--- all of them, I hope they rot."
In response to this, NYIT released a statement to News 12, writing in part, "We strongly condemn the hateful speech toward law enforcement officers expressed via social media by an individual employed by our College of Osteopathic Medicine as a lab technician. His views and opinions do not reflect New York Institute of Technology's founding principles of community, opportunity, equity, and diversity."
It's not currently clear if any disciplinary action is being taken against Meadows by the university. It appears that his name has been removed from the school's website.
When News 12 tried to speak with Meadows at his home, he refused. 
He has since apologized on Facebook.
Richard Wells, with the Police Conference of New York, says words like Meadows' could be dangerous.
"To me, that's a call for violence against police officers," says Wells. "That shouldn't be acceptable to any employer."