NY Legislature back in session, expected to vote on coronavirus-related bills

The Legislature is back in session for the first time since the coronavirus forced lawmakers home in April.
It held committee meetings online from its offices in Albany or from its district offices. On Wednesday, it will start voting on about two dozen bills all related to the coronavirus pandemic.
It comes while the state is watching its multibillion-dollar budget deficit grow by the day.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to make what could be drastic budget cuts soon, but says he's waiting to see if the state is getting more financial aid from Washington.
"Tell me what federal government does and I will tell you about the state budget," he said at his daily briefing. "With no money from the federal government, schools get cut 20%. Police and fire, 15%, hospitals 20%."
Some of the proposal's lawmakers are considering involve early voting and help for people paying mortgages or rent.
"We've identified about 30 bills that we can do that will help assist with the response to COVID, but are not bills that will not cost us any money," said state Assembly Member Fred Thiele.
Legislators will start voting Wednesday and are expected to end their session Friday.