Non-village residents frustrated with 'pay to play' rule at Memorial Park in New Hyde Park

Some residents of western Nassau County are frustrated because they are being restricted from using a village park in New Hyde Park.
A group of parents protested at Memorial Park, angered that their children will now have to pay to play.
People who are not New Hyde Park village residents will now be charged $10 per person per day to use the park.
"It's $40, so let's be realistic, how long do people come to a park for - 45 minutes to an hour at best? And then they move on, they go somewhere else," says Kim Middlebrook.
Town residents say they don't understand why they have to pay now when it used to be free.
Village residents, however, say they pay higher taxes to access Memorial Park, and their taxes went up by 15% this year.
"The village is the village, and we pay for the village so that's what it should be," says Valerie Blum.
Village Mayor Christopher Devane says he found out that 60% of the people using the park were not residents and that the park was littered with garbage, along with drug use, graffiti and damage basketball nets.
He says $500,000 worth of improvements were made and that the park is more safe and secure.
"If we allow everyone in the park for free, but only my village residents pick up the tab with these new is that fair?" Devane says.
Those who live in the village and bring a non-village guest will pay $5.
Children under 5 are free.