‘Nobody’s coming’ – Neighbors lash out at PSEG as downed wires linger in Levittown

Nearly two weeks after Tropical Storm Isaias barreled across the region, some residents say they're still waiting on PSEG Long Island to clear downed wires.
Mark Tyrrell, of Levittown, told News 12 that he is fed up with the power utility's failure to remove potentially dangerous wires from the backyard of his home on Spring Lane.
"They started repairing the wires when the power went out five days later. They left this…Wires hanging on the tree, on the shed. We don't know if they're alive or dead or what,” he said
Tyrrell says he doesn’t want to touch them or move them and he can no longer let his dog in the backyard.
He says a utility worker came to his property after he called at least 25 times and said “he’ll get it taken care of.” When nobody came, he called again.
“They sent the same guy,” said Tyrrell. “He comes walking up to me and said, ‘Are you the guy with the power lines?’ I said, ‘You're kidding. You were just here two, three days ago.’ He said, ‘Oh, I thought this place looked familiar.’”
Tyrrell says the utility worker again said he would take care of it, but as of Saturday afternoon, it still wasn’t done.
Tyrrell’s neighbor, too, has downed wires in his yard and called the response from the utility “horrible.”
News 12 called PSEG Long Island to ask why their crews haven't removed the down wires on Spring Lane. A spokesperson said they're sending a crew to the street today.
Tyrrell remains skeptical:
“Nobody's coming. Trust me, nobody's coming.”