NIFA report suggests eliminating crossing guards, closing Marine Bureau

A new report by the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) suggests the county should eliminate crossing guards, privatize ambulance services and close its Marine Bureau in an effort to close a $54 million deficit. 
CSEA President Jerry Larrichuita says he's outraged by language in the report that suggests many of the proposed cuts would not have an impact on county services.
"I think they should stick to banking, which is their job, and stay out of government operations," says Larrichuita. 
For its part, NIFA says the report is essentially a presentation of options for county lawmakers as they prepare their upcoming budget proposal. Nassau Deputy County Executive for Finance Eric Naughton says the county is reviewing the report, but that many of the proposals are non-starters.
"There's no need for us to cut crossing guards and put young people in danger," he says.
NIFA Chairman Adam Barsky says it's up to county lawmakers to present a balanced budget later this year, one way or another. He also says that if county lawmakers fail to do so, then NIFA could very well impose the cuts outlined in the report.