NJ residents, hit hard by Ida in 2021, stay positive as Ian heads north

Residents in Bound Brook, a New Jersey community hit hard by Hurricane Ida in 2021, are staying positive as they prepare for the possibility that Hurricane Ian could somehow turn into a similar situation.
More than 8 inches of rain was reported in Bound Brook last year, but business owners say things like the weather are simply out of their hands.
"This year isn't the first time, last year wasn't the first time... I have learned how to swim," says business owner Ivania Romero.
Ian likely won't be a hurricane when it gets to towns that were similarly impacted by Ida just last year.
It is possible that the storm could increase in strength and become a Category 4, but any impacts would likely not be felt locally until this weekend or even next week.
Residents are still encouraged to take ordinary precautions for heavy rain events, such as making sure gutters are clear and checking up on disaster kits and food supplies.