New airport mandates in effect for out-of-state travelers

Starting Tuesday, some travelers from out-of-state could face hefty fines if they don't follow new airport guidelines.
In an emergency health order, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says travelers from states with a high infection rate are now required to disclose where they're flying in from and where they're going.
Florida, Delaware, California, Arizona and North Carolina are just a few of the states that are seeing a rise in the amount of new COVID-19 cases. Today, Gov. Cuomo added four more states to the list. They include Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio and Wisconsin.
Travelers will also have to provide contact information before leaving the airport, and they'll have to quarantine for 14 days.
Airlines will hand out contact forms on their flights, which can also be filled out electronically.
Stephanie Geng, who is visiting from Florida, says the process of filling out the forms was easy.
"They just said there's forms that need to be filled out and when you get there you can hand them over," says Geng.
Cuomo says there's a steep fine if travelers do not comply.
"If you leave the airport without filling out the information, not only do you have a $2,000 fine, you can then be brought to a hearing and ordered to complete a mandatory quarantine," Cuomo says.
Cuomo adds enforcement teams will be present at major airports throughout the state to ensure travelers comply with the order.
The new guidelines also apply to those traveling back by car, bus and train from states with high infection rates.