Nation's first 3D printed house for sale in Riverhead for $300K

The very first 3D-printed home to hit the market nationwide is situated on Long Island in Suffolk County.
From the outside, the home in the Town of Riverhead looks ordinary. But a closer look shows no ordinary concrete - but a kind extruded by a gigantic robot 3D printer.
Kirk Andersen from SQ4D Inc. "printed" the exterior and interior walls of this test home in less than 48 hours of print time. That's lightning fast compared to regular construction.
"We are trying to disrupt the construction industry just a little bit," says Andersen.
Most people know 3D printers for making plastic parts and toys, but a house is a first. The Town of Riverhead has given its OK for the 3D-printed home to be built and sold.
The cost for the new 1,400-square-foot, three-bedroom home is an eye-poppingly low $300,000.
Marty and Maria Arominski, from Huntington, were just one of a group of curious buyers who took a tour of the demo home in Calverton. SQ4D says their robot builds 41% of the structure, then general tradesmen do the rest. That means the home can have whatever options or wall finishes the customer wants.
What really has people excited about this kind of construction is with its lower cost, it could truly be a game changer when it comes to affordable housing.
"You get a quicker build, a stronger build for less than 50% of traditional building costs," says Stephen King, with Realty Connect.
SQ4D says their goal is to build home cost effectively and efficiently at speeds never seen before.
The homebuilders say they have had discussions with affordable housing groups like Long Island Housing Partnership.