National Senior Citizen Day offers chance to recognize accomplishments and reflect

People nationwide took a part of their day to recognize the senior citizens who have left a profound impact on their lives.
Friday marked National Senior Citizen Day, which has been celebrated since the early 1990s to thank seniors and recognize what they've contributed and accomplished during their lives.
The pandemic has left family and friends thinking and worrying about seniors even more so. Catherine Eastiani says she's lived through hard times and feels bad for the younger generation, who can't understand it.
"We've already been there, so all we can do is help back them up to understand it more," she says.
The day has also been a chance for younger people to discuss the impacts that seniors in their lives have made upon them.
"How they helped raise me and to be able to take all the input they had in my life and pass that on to the next generation, pass that on to my kids is really something I'm very proud of," says Jacob Blobstein, of Nassau Rehabilitation & Nursing Center.
Seniors in Hempstead were given a whiteboard Friday to write down a piece of advice for the younger generation. Eastini wrote to create and build, and appreciate what you have.
Another person said to be smart, respectable and honest.