High heat and humidity continue on Long Island though this weekend.

Nassau, Suffolk police train for summertime emergencies

Police are using a lifesaving device called a Rescue Stick, a throwable flotation device that deploys on contact.

News 12 Staff

Jun 12, 2019, 7:32 PM

Updated 1,836 days ago


Police aviation and maritime units from Nassau and Suffolk counties trained Wednesday at Tobay Beach for summertime emergencies.
Using choppers and boats, officers practiced lifesaving techniques with a device called a Rescue Stick -- a throwable flotation device that deploys on contact with water.
Police say the device's ease of use allows them extra time to save lives.
News 12 was able to capture the rescue drill from the air and sea, as well as watch as an officer was able to swim to the inflated flotation device once it was dropped from the chopper above.
Both county police departments say they've purchased several Rescue Sticks, which will be placed inside vehicles that patrol Long Island's shoreline.

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