Nassau’s Public Safety Committee receives ‘The People’s Plan’ for police reform

Members of Nassau County's Public Safety Committee were presented with a police reform plan that some community members say would lead to significant and equitable changes.
"The People's Plan" is a more than 300-page strategy from members of community groups who say the goal is to “reimagine policing and public safety on Long Island.”
Nassau county lawmakers scheduled a joint hearing with the committee and the Legislature so members could hear the details of the plan and ask questions.
Among the proposals – changing how traffic safety and traffic stops are handled with those who are people of color.
"This plan...makes the statement that driving while Black in not a crime,” says Tyrel Dozier, of Long Island United to Transform Policing & Public Safety. “The People's Plan proposal aims to have Nassau County join other forward-thinking districts in Maryland, Philadelphia, Virginia, even Texas. By restricting police officers in engaging in pretextual stops and warrantless searches."
News 12 reported that dozens of community members on advisory panels tasked to come up with a state-mandated police reform plan abruptly resigned after saying their voices were not being heard.
Members of those groups say the county's proposal does not adequately address fundamental reform.