Nassau police commissioner blames bail reform for increase in gun arrests

Nassau police say that gun arrests in the county are up 300% so far this year.
Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says there are way too many guns on the street.
"Last year at this time, we had two guns and two arrests and this year--eight guns and eight arrests," Ryder says.
He blames the increase on bail reform, saying there is increasing pressure for state lawmakers to repeal or change the law eliminating cash bail for most misdemeanors and non-violent offenses.
Nassau Executive Bruce Blakeman went to Albany this week to talk with legislators about changing bail reform.
Advocates, however, say bail reform is working.
"The stats show that less than half a percent of people are rearrested for firearm issues," says Serena Martin-Liguori of Newhour, an organization that helps formerly incarcerated people readjust to society.
Ryder says bail reform is needed, but what police are seeing on Nassau streets makes it clear that changes to the law are needed.