Nassau lawmakers table flavored vape ban vote until November

Nassau lawmakers are delaying a vote that would ban flavored vaping products.

News 12 Staff

Oct 28, 2019, 9:17 PM

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Nassau lawmakers are delaying a vote that would have banned flavored vaping products.
Legislators decided to put the issue on hold until more research can be completed. They are expected to take up the measure again next month.
In a statement to News 12, a county spokesman said, "After holding a hearing on the proposed local law to ban flavored vape products, the Legislature will vote at the next full meeting of the Legislature where the bill is expected to pass."
In the proposal, all vaping flavors would be banned except for tobacco, menthol and mint.
Nassau County Legislator Arnold Drucker tells News 12 he's not happy with the wait, saying in part "it's extremely disappointing that the Republican majority chose today to ignore science and medical professionals."
Vape shops have objected strongly to the proposed legislation.
Matt Flax, the owner of VaporVille, says the ban would hurt people who turned to vaping as a way to cut back or stop smoking all together.
"Ninety-nine percent of my customers have said flat out that if it wasn't for the flavors they would still be smoking cigarettes," says Flax. "So the flavors are saving lives and that is proof of the pudding."
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to impose a similar ban on the state level. The measure is currently tied up in courts.

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