Nassau lawmakers pass bill that could help residents save $100M in county fees

A new bill passed in Nassau could save taxpayers nearly $100 million in county fees.
The county Legislature passed the bill Friday in an 11 to 8 vote along party lines.
Majority leaders have said the cuts will provide residents with relief. But Democrats argue losing those fees could cost residents even more.
"Basically, their fee reductions would reduce bus service, youth cuts, reductions to VEEB, the fire department, everyone, you name it, it would do that, and right now we just feel it's not the prudent time," said Minority Leader Legislator Kevan Abrahams.
County Executive Laura Curran issued a statement on the vote which says she, along with the legislative minority, will "be forming a County Workgroup which will take a look at current fees and their impact on the long-term financial stability of Nassau."