Nassau launches high school vaccination program; aims to give out hundreds of shots a day

Nassau County unveiled a new initiative Wednesday to get more young people vaccinated in the race to herd immunity.
The teen-focused program will utilize dozens of youth ambassadors to encourage peers to roll up their sleeves for shots. The ambassadors are being selected by Nassau high schools.
They will then take part in a four-day high school vaccination event at Nassau Community College from May 13-16.
The goal is to vaccinate 500 teens each day.
Sidra Daniel just turned 17 Wednesday, and she says getting vaccinated will allow her to celebrate her senior year.
"I know a lot of people, including myself, who have grown up looking at this ideal picture of a high school student, going to senior prom, enjoying graduation, enjoying time with friends ... but so many people have had their dreams ripped away because of this virus," says Daniel.
Right now, teens 16+ are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine, but eligibility may expand to those 12 and up by next week.