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‘Getting it done’ – Nassau kicks off confidence campaign in COVID-19 vaccine

The test positivity in Nassau County is above 5%, and it has been steadily climbing.

News 12 Staff

Dec 4, 2020, 11:14 PM

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With the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine looming in New York, instilling the public’s confidence in the shot is the next hurdle for medical experts.
Officials say a lack of confidence in the vaccine could make the pandemic last longer, prompting Nassau County Executive Laura Curran to start a public awareness campaign inspired by Rosie the Riveter.
Credit: Nassau County
“We will stress the importance of vaccines in order to get back to normal, to keep our economies open, to not just prevent further restrictions, but get rid of the restrictions we have, and get our kids back in school,” she said Friday.
Experts say an overwhelming majority of the population, about 75-80%, needs to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for life and for business to get back to normal.
A recent poll, however, shows that far fewer Americans, about 61%, are willing to get the shot right now – a figure that may be bolstered by false information online.
To curb misleading and factually incorrect information about the vaccine, Facebook says it will remove phony claims about COVID vaccines.
Former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush, along with President-elect Joe Biden have all said they will get the shot on camera to reassure the public. Curran said the same.
“I would be ready when the time is right to roll up my sleeve and get it done,” she said.
County officials say the public awareness campaign will be available in multiple languages and it will directly engage minority communities, which were hit hard by the pandemic.
Credit: Nassau County

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