Nassau fire officials: Bitter blast causes spike in calls for freezing, bursting pipes

The Nassau County Fire Marshal's Office is seeing a spike in the number of calls from businesses dealing with pipes either freezing or bursting.
The fire marshal's office says it received more than 50 calls over the past three days from businesses ranging from child care and assisted living facilities to restaurants and retail stores.
The businesses have all had their sprinkler pipes either freeze or burst.
"We had to dispatch fire marshals this past weekend to almost 50 locations, says Chief Fire Marshal Mike Uttaro. "Each location gets a visit to make sure that they are given orders to repair the fire sprinkler system and restore it to normal operations because you need fire protection."
Bill Loiacono, of ServPro, helps businesses clean up after experiencing damage from a burst pipe. Loiacono says his employees have been working around the clock.
"It's been crazy. Whenever there's a deep freeze this time of year – things start to go nuts," says Loiacono.
The Fire Marshal's Office says after it responds to a business with burst sprinkler pipes it follows up to make sure the sprinklers are repaired and functioning again.