Curran thanks peaceful protesters, condemns violence against police, others

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran thanked all those who peacefully protested the death of George Floyd in the county on Monday.

"In Nassau, we saw residents of all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, gather peacefully. I heard them, I feel the pain and the anguish so many of our residents feel right now. The pain is legitimate, we must address it together," says Curran.

Nassau officials also denounced the violence and looting seen across the country.

"Violence against our police or against anybody will never be accepted in our county," says Curran.

Meanwhile, faith leaders urged residents to not forget that the COVID-19 virus is still prevalent.

Nassau officials say the county is still on track to begin phase two next Wednesday.

As of Monday, 93 new cases were reported in the county and 2.4% of all that were tested, tested positive. Hospitalizations also hit an all time low of 298, and two new deaths were reported.

The county says it continues to ramp up testing and offer anti-body testing at community clinics.