Nassau BOE says it won't sacrifice accuracy of votes for speed

The Nassau Board of Elections is serving double duty Tuesday, serving as both a polling place and the location where votes will counted at the end of the evening.
Voters showed up with a variety of issues in mind, including making Long Island a more affordable place to live.
"If you live on Long Island - Nassau County, Suffolk County - we're getting taxed out of being able to afford it," one resident says.
Nassau Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner James Scheuerman says around 300,000 county residents were expected to take part in this year's election.
"Some would argue these local elections...they're more important," Scheuerman says. "So, I'm glad to see folks engaging this year."
Around 11,000 voters cast absentee ballots, which means some close races may not be decided right away.
Scheuerman says he wants to get it done quick but doesn't want to sacrifice accuracy for speed.
"It's better to take our time and do it right," Scheuerman says.
There is a seven-day waiting period before they can open absentee ballots. Those ballots can also arrive up until Nov. 9 as long as they are postmarked by Election Day.