MTA votes to officially pause controversial congestion pricing plan

As News 12 reported, Gov. Hochul said she's concerned how the plan would impact the economy.

Thema Ponton

Jun 26, 2024, 10:42 PM

Updated 16 days ago


The MTA is officially approving Gov. Kathy Hochul's decision to pause the Central Business District Tolling Program, or congestion pricing plan.
The MTA board voted to temporarily pause the controversial plan on Wednesday,
Under the plan, most drivers would have been charged $15 a day to drive into Manhattan below 60th Street.
Wednesday's vote from the MTA board comes following Gov. Hochul's decision telling the MTA to pause the plan.
As News 12 reported, Hochul said she's concerned how the plan would impact the economy.
According to the MTA, pausing the plan could cost them $16.5 billion in capital funding.
Leaders at the agency said some projects will now be delayed, including accessibility improvements to LIRR stations in Queens and the 2nd Avenue subway expansion.
Speaking about Wednesday vote, David S. Mack, the Nassau representative on the board, who voted against congestion pricing said, "I want to see the MTA grow I want to see everyone happy, but there are many other ways that this can be accomplished, we just gotta find them."
Uma, a driver from Smithtown, told News 12 she does not want to see the congestion pricing plan implemented at all.
"No, no, I don't want to, you have to come up with good ideas, because we are paying already too much," she says.
Following the board's vote, a posting on the MTA's website said, "The Central Business District Tolling Program is temporarily paused pending necessary approvals. The Congestion Relief Zone will launch at a later date. Check back for updates."

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