MTA to reroute some LIRR trains Monday following weeks of commuter frustration

Another change is on the way for Long Island Rail Road riders on Monday morning after weeks of commuter frustration.
The MTA will reroute four trains that were going to the LIRR’s new Grand Central Madison station back to Penn Station, which was a source of frustration for many commuters for the past couple of weeks.
“The train home from Penn to Babylon used to be pretty nice. Now, it’s horrifying,” said Joe Ferrara. “They did the Grand Central thing that sounds good on paper, but instead of adding more trains to go to Grand Central, they took away trains from the Penn Station lines.”
The MTA hopes new train schedules will make riders' commutes much smoother.
Babylon resident and commuter John Major said his commute is much better after Grand Central Madison opened.
“Grand Central is saving me a lot of time and convenience and when weather is not good. It’s easier,” Major said. He did notice, however, how other commuters experienced growing pains.
“I've heard some people complaining,” he said.
The MTA made adjustment as late as last week to add more cars to current trains.
“They started opening up full train times. In the beginning, they just had local stops to Jamaica, so you would have to transfer,” Major said.
Ferrara said the problems could have been avoided.
“The people who make up the schedule, don’t ride the train,” Ferrara said. He hopes that when he wakes up Monday and heads to work on the LIRR, that his nightmare will be over.
“If they make a change, I’ll go on Twitter and express my happiness, that, 'Oh, you made a mistake and you fixed it,” he said.
To see the new LIRR schedules, follow this link.