Mount Vernon residents rally over sudden announcement of closure of Mount Vernon Center for Animal Care

Mount Vernon residents rallied outside of the city of Mount Vernon Center for Animal Care this afternoon.
They are protesting the recent news from the city that they intend to shut it down as soon as possible.
"Without public notice, without a public hearing, without any official warning, they just said we’re shutting it down on a Friday afternoon. Goodbye and good luck, and they punted the problem to another community," said former Mayor Richard Thomas.
The former mayor says concerns are over a partnership the city has made with the humane society of New Rochelle, but the exact details of that partnership are still unknown.
There are around 20 dogs and about a dozen cats currently housed at the center, and what their futures will look like once the shelter is closed are also unknown.
Concerned residents say this is not the end, they will continue to organize more protests, and they plan to attend the city's next budget hearing at the end of the month to demand answers.
The city says it will release more information about the plan this week.