Model suggests COVID-19 death toll could reach 410,000 in US by January

A leading model that estimates lives lost due to the coronavirus now predicts that by December, 3,000 Americans will die each day.
The data suggests the COVID-19 death toll will be more than 410,000 by January, more than doubling the current number.
Experts behind the statistics say mask-wearing could save more than 120,000 lives.
The effectiveness of masks prompted a nursing organization in Missouri to demand that the governor there issue a statewide mask mandate.
As students head back to school, more than 27,000 cases have been reported at colleges and universities in at least 40 states.
The economic impact of the virus continues to rattle the nation. About 1.4 million jobs were added in August, hardly off-setting the more than 11 million jobs lost since February.