MLB commissioner optimistic about season despite players testing positive for COVID-19

Just days into the season and Major League Baseball is dealing with a major COVID-19 problem.
The problem is mostly affecting the Miami Marlins, and has forced two games to be postponed, including the Yankees game in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia is where the Marlins played over the weekend, and where at least 14 members of the team are now quarantining after testing positive for COVID-19.
League owners had a conference call Monday, but reportedly did not discuss canceling the season.
Commissioner Rob Manfred released a statement saying, "I remain optimistic that the testing and safety protocols are strong enough that it will allow us to continue to play even through an outbreak like this and complete our season."
The Marlins will not play this week.
Meanwhile, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has canceled the 2020 preseason due to COVID-19. The NFL is working to make the full contact game safer.
Sports are coming back in some areas outside of the United States, including parts of Asia and Europe where COVID-19 has been better contained.