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Melville family frantically searches for rottweiler that went missing from dog sitter’s home

A family is searching for their rottweiler that went missing from a dog sitter’s house in Huntington Station.

News 12 Staff

Sep 5, 2022, 4:21 PM

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A desperate search is underway for a family's beloved dog after it went missing from a dog sitter’s house in Huntington Station.
The Bolling family says they have been putting up posters in search for Honeybear, their 2-year-old, 120-pound rottweiler who has been missing for 10 days.
They say they haven't been able to get a straight answer from the dog sitter who was taking care of Honeybear while they were away on vacation.
“We're hoping that someone will see this and know where he is and reach out to us. Because it's been a nightmare,” said Kieish Bolling.
Mark Bolling says they left Honeybear at their dog sitters home in Huntington Station two weeks ago while they were away in Atlanta. Five days into their vacation, they got a phone call from the dog sitter letting them know that Honeybear was missing. Bolling says the woman told him Honeybear got out through an unsecured fence in her backyard.
He says the dog sitter has done nothing to help them find their dog.
“If the sitter is not going to be part of the solution, the sitter is part of the problem,” he told News 12.   
The sitter, Rochelle Wilson, sent News 12 a statement Monday afternoon saying she's deeply saddened by this ordeal. She says she offered to compensate the family for their loss and is asking anyone who may have taken Honeybear to please come forward.
Town of Huntington officials say they showed up to her house on Sunday because they say she would need a permit to run a dog-sitting business out of her home.
"We are actively investigating the dog sitter's permit status and will follow up on that tomorrow,” officials said.
The family is using an expert dog tracker to help them find Honeybear. They are also offering a reward for anyone who finds him.

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