Mandatory release list for bail reform law includes assault, manslaughter

The new bail reform law has caused controversy over the release of inmates across New York state - and a list of mandatory releases shows that people can leave jail without posting bail for crimes including assault and manslaughter.
As News 12 has reported, judges are now not allowed to set bail for almost all misdemeanors and some felonies described under New York state's penal code as "non-violent."
Some have expressed concern over the list, which includes crimes such as creating child pornography, second and third-degree burglary or robbery, prostitution, third-degree assault, aggravated assault upon a person less than 11 years old, criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, criminally negligent homicide and second-degree manslaughter.
Criminal defense attorney Brian Griffin says the crimes on the list are considered non-violent felonies because even if there is violence involved, they were originally categorized as non-violent crimes.
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He says that when the bail reform law took effect, it used the prior categorization of crimes for sentencing.
Keith Scott, with the Safe Center, says there's also a potential impact under the bail reform law for victims of some crimes like domestic violence.
He says it doesn't give victims enough time to reach out for help or escape their situation.